Humans Are Herbivores

and ecologically defined like all creatures

is going vegan a lifestyle choice?

on January 7, 2013

The human herbivore is a naturally ordered being with unique and well defined physical and behavioral traits, evolved to thrive within the natural order.

So, is going vegan a lifestyle (or individual) choice?

The short  (and natural) answer is “NO!”

As human herbivores, it is clear that Nature already made the choice for us millions of years ago when it was ‘decided’ along which evolutionary lines we would emerge.

The long answer is:

Modern dietary choices (or cultural preferences and availability) have been defined for humans not by anatomy, physiology and habitat (as is the case with other creatures) but increasingly by cultural traditions established tens of thousands of years ago.

The emergence of these unnaturally violent traditions probably co-emerged with sophisticated social hierarchies and their dependence upon violence (and those, i.e. soldiers, who would undertake violence in their service) to extend and insure elite dominance.

Indeed, the blind and automatic violence effected towards other creatures and the environment in general is the defining base for the present order of our global human society in which lives are not valued but position within the hierarchy is.

Within such an elitist culture, it is easy to predict continuous forms of slavery and exploitation as well as gluttony and starvation and the many other ills that plague elite controlled human societies.

If we do not recover our natural sanity and turn from this militaristic, regimented and elitist model for society that assumes no fault (even divine right, individual choice, etc.) as it violates all natural precepts, we may soon end the human experience on this planet.

Going Vegan is not a ‘lifestyle choice’. The choice was made within the workings of Natural Law. We are human herbivores and thus by Natural Law, we are mandated to eat an all plant-based diet and abstain from all forms of unnatural violence, including murder for the purpose of consuming flesh.

No species is an island.

We are all inextricably connected and interdependent. Laws of nature bind us and govern our interactions, our possibilities and limitations.


One response to “is going vegan a lifestyle choice?

  1. harvey333333 says:

    very well said – I feel like I want to frame this beautifully and oh so correctly conceptualized comment! Thank you so much…

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