Humans Are Herbivores

and ecologically defined like all creatures

from empire to ecology

We think of ourselves as members of a social order rather than a natural order.

But, we are members of an ecologically defined species that was fully embedded in the natural order.

This natural understanding must be recovered if the earth’s biosphere has any chance of continuing.

We are not predatory by nature, but we’ve been taught that we are, in the most potent way possible: we’ve been raised from birth to eat like predators. We’ve thus been initiated into a predatory culture and been forced to see ourselves at the deepest levels as predators. Farming animals is simply a refined and perverse form of predation in which the animals are confined before being attacked and killed. It doesn’t stop with animals, however. As we all know in our bones, there is a predatory quality to our economic system, and competition underlies all our institutions. We prey upon each other.” 

From The World Peace Diet

Man’s separation from his own nature, introduced at birth and supported through lifelong orchestrated deceptions, enabled and continues to enable an anti-nature disinformation culture of regimented elitism and genocide, the empire culture, ((1,2,3) implemented by a technologically sophisticated (1) global military (1, 2, 3)/police state (1, 2, 3) with totalitarian control of social (1, 2, 3) and material resources).

(In an attempt to expose some of the basic dynamics, relationships and conditions of human society, links to a number of other sites are provided. These sites do not necessarily reflect my thesis or concerns. For example, I do not believe in UFOs (generated in part by classified advances in holography) nor do I fear the “coming ‘One World Order’…”  Rather, I attempt to reveal the elitist OLD WORLD ORDER (1) which continues to be outrageously violent and deceitful in pursuit of its doctrinaire and imperialistic policies that are fundamentally anti-nature.)

 What do these things have in common?

 ** ‘Wars’ (like the genocides ongoing in Iraq, Afghanistan & Africa (1, 2, 3))

 ** Environmentally insensitive behavior (1, 2) (like dumping pesticides and clear-cutting and burning forests)

 ** Animal abuse ( e.g. raising them for slaughter or torturing them in ‘research’ facilities)

 ** Child abuse
(1, 2, 3, 4)

 ** Obesity and nutritional deprivation (1,2) including starvation

 ** Heart disease and cancer

 ** Social and economic exclusivity (1, 2, 3) and elitism

 How do we restore;

** international peace

** personal health

** social and ecological harmony?


They are endemic to meat-eating (dominator) cultures.


Awaken natural intelligence.

Embracing our true herbivore nature empowers us to:

  • Escape the ancient mythologies of empire culture and embrace ecologically sane cultural models.
  • No longer justify war making, economic and social inequality, animal slaughter or environmental destruction.
  • Resume expressing ourselves as vital and sustaining members of the earthly biosphere.

2 responses to “from empire to ecology

  1. Awesome site – I could explore it for days. Thank you so much for your wise and courageous witness.

    Tracy McDonnell
    Adelphi, MD

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